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Zaanstore na opening - dirk brand Fotografie

Looking for typical products from the Zaanstreek, nice souvenirs, a hiking map or the Zaanse Schans Card? In the centre of Zaandam, just outside the railway station, you will find the Zaanstore, which is open 7 days a week.


This tourist office, with its design based on the latest insights, does not only offer information, tickets and souvenirs, it also offers inspiration. In this store, the story of the Zaanstreek is told by means of typical smells, colours, flavours and icons from the region.


Stadhuisplein 96, Zaandam


Opening hours:
Mo thru Fri 08.30 - 17.00 hours
Weekends 10.00 - 17.00 hours


Where to stay

Since the Zaanstreek has so much to offer you might as well consider an overnight stay in one of our fine accommodations.


Locals recommend:


Heerlijck Slaapen

Located on the banks of the river Zaan, along the peat meadows and mills of the Zaanse Schans.... it can't get more Dutch than the unique Old Dutch 17th century scenery of Bed & Breakfast 'Heerlijck Slaapen'.

Inntel Hotel 01

Inntel Hotel Zaandam-Amsterdam

The structure of this 4-star Inntel hotel Zaandam-Amsterdam is a lively stacking of various traditional houses to be found in the Zaan region. The interiors of the modern hotel rooms reflect the rich history of the Zaan area. 

Het Zaans Koopmanshuis

't Zaans Koopmanshuis

Want to wake up to a magnificent and peaceful view over the Dutch landscape, just on the outskirts of Amsterdam? Consider Bed & Breakfast 't Zaans Koopmanshuis. Listed as 'Best B&B in The Netherlands'. 

Hotel Manzo's Suites Zaandam

Manzo's Suites

Boutique hotel Manzo's Suites is in the center of Zaandam, centrally located on the bustling Dam Square. Comfort and luxury midst of town life and business centre of Zaandam and the distinctive culture of Zaandam.