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Looking for typical products from the Zaanstreek, nice souvenirs, a hiking map or the Zaanse Schans Card? In the centre of Zaandam, just outside the railway station, you will find the Zaanstore, which is open 7 days a week.


This tourist office, with its design based on the latest insights, does not only offer information, tickets and souvenirs, it also offers inspiration. In this store, the story of the Zaanstreek is told by means of typical smells, colours, flavours and icons from the region.


Stadhuisplein 96, Zaandam


Opening hours:
Mo thru Fri 08.30 - 17.00 hours
Weekends 10.00 - 17.00 hours


Welcome to the Zaanstreek

The Zaanstreek is a characteristic Dutch region on the crossroads of the capital Amsterdam and the typical Dutch countryside of grasslands, water-filled ditches and windmills. The perfect place to experience the old Holland from Golden Age paintings.


Just north of Amsterdam this region is a perfect stake out for your visit to Holland and a region that belongs on top of your sightseeing wishlist.


Check out our list of must sees and must do's:


Old Holland

Top attraction Zaanse Schans brings the 18th and 19th centuries back to life. Each year over a million visitors from all over the world come to visit the mills, green wooden houses and authentic workshops that tell the tale of how the region gained its success. 

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Industrial heritage

Visit the ‘Zaanbocht’ in Wormerveer and enjoy iconic factories and warehouses with exotic names towering over the river Zaan. Here you will find remarkable industrial heritage that still captures the vibrancy, ingenuity and entrepreneurship of the Dutch. 


Famous city centre

In the city centre of Zaandam you can combine fun shopping with culture. Visit the unique wooden dwelling that housed Peter the Great (1697), see the old Zaandam through the eyes of the famous painter Monet and be amazed by the iconic Inntel hotel. 

Wandelen - wandelkaart

Walking and hiking

From a stroll along the industrial heritage to a brisk walk through special marshy grasslands. No matter which choice you make: exploring the Zaanstreek on foot is an experience! We have the ten most beautiful trails of the Zaanstreek for you.